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How it works
How it Works
  1. Contests are created with focus on specific themes usually requesting for recipes/ food related contents from users
  2. Contest will have a start and end dates and terms & conditions.
  3. Users will have an option to submit their contents/recipes as a response to the contest.
  1. Recipes/contents shall be submitted by the fans/ users related to the contest theme and in line with Contestchef’s terms of use
  2. Posted recipes are visible to all the users registered on contestchef and also can be shared on the social media pages.
  3. Recipes can be created with details including ingredients, procedures, video links & photos
  1. Other users will view the recipes submitted by participants, review the recipes, comment and like on the recipes. Which can also be made available on social media pages.
  2. Increase your chances of winning the rewards by getting maximum review scores, maximum number of likes, shares and comments, for your posted recipes
  3. Users who contribute the most by posting more recipes and constructive comments/ feedback may also become eligible for winning rewards based on the contest terms and conditions
  1. Popular and Top recipes selected by the contest creator will be rewarded at the end of a contest.
  2. Judging on the winners & winning recipes will be under the sole discretion of the contest creator.